The Coconut Grove Village Council meets:

 The third Friday of each month, 6:30 p.m.
at Miami City Hall
Please note new meeting time (formerly 6 p.m.)

3500 Pan American Dr.
Coconut Grove, FL 33133

We encourage all Coconut Grove residents to attend and bring  issues that concern you to our attention.

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Starting with the December 2017 meeting, all meeting agendas will be posted on our agendas page.

City Commission Votes to Expand
Omni CRA to Village West

At its meeting of Jan. 11, 2016, the Miami City Commission approved by a 5-0 vote the expansion of the Omni CRA to Coconut Grove Village West. Numerous representatives of Village West turned out to speak in support, and Coconut Grove Village Council member Hank Sanchez-Resnik presented a unanimous resolution favoring the expansion adopted by the Village Council. Read the Village Council’s resolution here.


The new Coconut Grove Village Council, elected on November 7, 2017, held its first meeting Monday, Nov. 20, at City Hall. Mayor Francis Suarez presided over the swearing-in of the nine councilmembers, and District 2 Commissioner Ken Russell was also on hand to welcome the group.

The councilmembers are Johannah Brown, Rachel Cardello, Steve Dloogoff, Zachary Elliott, Marcelo Fernandes, Larissa Ozols, Hank Sanchez-Resnik, Thaddeus Scott, and Linda Williams. Dloogoff, Sanchez-Resnik, Scott, and Williams served on the previous Council. There were 15 candidates in this year’s race. The top nine were voted to serve for a four-year term. The Council meets once a month, and the public is encouraged to attend.

At Monday’s meeting, the group elected six officers: Marcelo Fernandes, Chair; Linda Williams, Vice Chair; Zachary Elliott, Secretary; Larissa Ozols, Treasurer; Thaddeus Scott, Sergeant-at-Arms; and Steve Dloogoff, Parliamentarian.

The main discussion item was the list of pressing community issues the new Council faces. As a first step in tackling it, the group agreed on four major priorities:

Gaining higher visibility in the community through both electronic and personal communication, including regular participation in key local meetings.

Continuous organizational improvement, including budgeting and funding for the Council’s activities.

A focus on housing and zoning, including the current process for revising the Neighborhood Conservation District overlay for Coconut Grove.

Transportation—roadways, parking, bicycling, pedestrian safety, and related matters.

“These priorities will drive our work for a while,” said Fernandes. “We’ll be working closely with the Business Improvement District, the Chamber of Commerce, Grove 2030, Village West, and all the residents, business owners, and grassroots organizations that make Coconut Grove such a thriving, vital community.”

The first meeting of the new Coconut Grove Village Council. Seated at table, clockwise from front: Steve Dloogoff, Linda Williams, Marcelo Fernandes, Zachary Elliott, Rachel Cardello, Hank Sanchez-Resnik, Larissa Ozols, Johannah Brown. Not shown, Thaddeus Scott.


Grove 2030

In 2030 the village of Coconut Grove will be distinguished by lush, natural beauty; authentic character and traditions; and by a diverse and engaged citizenry. A network of safe, tree-lined neighborhoods will be linked by bike- and pedestrian-friendly pathways to a vibrant, sustainable business core that caters to the Grove’s eclectic mix of inhabitants.

The complete list of statements, along with the “idea board” suggestions, are now available for review at our Grove 2030 page and subpages.