The Coconut Grove Village Council holds meetings on the:

Last Tuesday of every month at 6:00 PM @ Coconut Grove Elementary

Located at 3351 Matilda Street.
 We encourage all Coconut Grove residents to attend and bring  issues that concern you to our attention.

 Next meeting: January 27, 2015


***Free Parking in rear of School (Teachers Parking lot)***


Waivers & Notifications

We’re making our site more useful for Grove residents! The following link will take you to a our page for waivers & notifications. Listed by applicant, you can browse through different requests that have recently been submitted to the Coconut Grove Village Council.

GROVE 2030

Many thanks to all who participated in the Grove 2030 strategic visioning workshop on Nov. 1. It was a great success, with more than 100 Grove residents and other stakeholders sharing their ideas for a better future. Special thanks to University of Miami School of Architecture’s Joanna Lombard, Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk, and Charles Bohls for their help and guidance.

Our planning committee has reviewed the ten statements created during the workshop and has crafted a single Vision Statement for Coconut Grove that reflects their collective core elements:

In 2030 the village of Coconut Grove will be distinguished by lush, natural beauty; authentic character and traditions; and by a diverse and engaged citizenry. A network of safe, tree-lined neighborhoods will be linked by bike- and pedestrian-friendly pathways to a vibrant, sustainable business core that caters to the Grove’s eclectic mix of inhabitants.   

The complete list of statements, along with the “idea board” suggestions, are now available for review at our Grove 2030 page and subpages.

Please check the site for updates on “next steps” as we work toward fulfilling our vision for Coconut Grove in the year 2030.