Circulation & Parking

Connectivity to and throughout the waterfront is a priority, and improved access to the waterfront park system is essential to the success of the master plan. South Bayshore Drive, north of Aviation (Figure 63), is redesigned to accommodate a multiuse path on the south side creating a safer connection for pedestrians. By tightening up the two existing driving lanes, twenty eight feet is given over to park land for a generous sidewalk that can accommodate both the Commodore Bike Trail and pedestrians wishing to connect between the Waterfront Park and Kennedy Park. Similarly, south of Aviation, the multi-use path continues along the edge of the park. Non-peak parallel parking is permitted on the south side of South Bayshore Drive to accommodate parking for the Waterfront Park.

Along the south side (north bound traffic) of McFarlane Road, one of the two travel lanes is re-moved to make way for a more generous sidewalk connection between the Center Grove and the waterfront (Figure 64). Main Highway, which turns into McFarlane Road, is one lane in the north bound direction. McFarlane Road will continue this precedent, as well as have one lane for parking.

The Commodore Bike Trail will have a dedicated bike path along the south side of South Bayshore Drive (Figure 65). At McFarlane Plaza, the Bike Trail is diverted through Peacock Park and down the alleyway behind St. Stephen’s. This diversion allows the bikers to bypass the already congested intersection at Main, McFarlane, and Grand Avenue and connect instead, directly with the bike lane on Main Highway.

The Dinner Key Marina lot is maintained but reconfigured to accommodate drop-off and parking for the Sailing Center and the Sailing Club. The Dinner Key Marina continues to have 312 parking spaces, which include 60 spaces behind City Hall and 252 spaces in the larger surface lot, with reserved spaces closest to the Marina. The USOSC will have 40 spaces, doubling the current number of space they have, and the CGSC will have 40 spaces, consistent with the number of space they currently have. Overflow parking and parking for the mooring fields and the Cultural and Community Center is accommodated with a new parking garage along Pan Am Drive.

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