Grove 2030 Idea Boards

After crafting statements to reflect a preferred future – a vision — of Coconut Grove in the year 2030, workshop participants brainstormed some the steps necessary to help fulfill that vision. Each table compiled of list of possible initiatives.   The resulting “Idea Board” was reviewed by the entire group of more than 100, with each person allowed to cast eight votes for the ideas they liked best. Here is the complete list, along with votes received.

Table 1
Incentivize mixed-use buildings and green space (21)
Performance pricing for street parking (5)
Bike share/lanes – narrower roads (4)
Enforce codes (2)
Make Village Council more visible (12)
Foster active participation in community decision-making (3)
Protect the tree campy with incentives (3)
Local news source (1)
Public recycling bins (3)
Wider walkway on waterfront
Athletic fields and programs (2)
Youth programs and community center (3)
Affordable home-ownership programs (10)
Restore the playhouse (10)

Table 2
Foster local hiring and local businesses (4)
Violence reduction partnership (5)
Leverage technology to improve parking (2)
More feet/eyes on street (residents/business)
Ecumenical/school alliance (1)
Events that promote a local sense of community/diversity (5)
Make Peacock Park the Grove’s “Central Park” with concerts, movies, a small café and community center (14)

Table 3
Community center (14)
Bike paths protected (10)
Pedestrian crosswalks (3)
Artist galleries and space (12)
A mechanism to politically empower Grove business and residents — local planning and zoning (6)
Lower speed limits in Grove (5)
Trolley service (13)
Streamline historic designation (3)
Stronger tree ordinance (3)

Table 4
Attracting young people with affordable housing and commercial space “incubator” and rent control (15)
Improved flow of people and traffic with elegant entrances, visitor’s center, parking and trolley services (4)
Protect waterfront for waterfront activities (examples: Baltimore, Chicago, San Francisco). (9)
Secession from Miami (17)

Table 5
Incentivize property owners to implement the vision (tax breaks) (23)
Stricter code enforcement and high penalties for infractions (ex: canopy protection) (1)
Increase tree canopy (2)
Form Grove activist group (1)
New zoning ordinances that preserve historical values (6)
Trolleys to Grove from other areas (1)
More defined biking corridors (2)
Traffic flow restrictions to reduce through traffic – hire traffic planner (11)
Increase green space (1)
Pedestrian accessibility
Social networking platform for Grove (ex: Facebook)
More bike racks (1)
Parking permits for residents (11)
Better views of bay vs. more mangroves (8)
Strategically located public parking garage (1)
Clean up Biscayne Bay/harbor (9)
Limit business permits to companies with a max/particular gross revenues (ex: no huge companies (9)
Pop-up theater and music (1)
Commodore plaza and other street closures for pedestrians (7)
Secede from City of Miami
Improve education in public schools – mentoring programs, tutoring (1)

Table 6
Traffic management (2)
Functioning community center (2)
Master Plan – with action details (3)
More sidewalks
Public transportation – commuter trolley
Unify various groups (1)
Implement Live-Work-Play (5)
Low rise (5)
Functional business
Implement historic preservation (1)
Get moving on the playhouse (13)
Attract artists & musicians (3)
Keep the Grove bohemian (2)
Encourage festivals that promote the Grove spirit and enhance Grove businesses (1)
Secede from Miami (7)
Limited mixed-use development
Appropriate human scale that supports residents and visitors (1)
Rebrand the Grove and market it (1)
Enhanced water access (6)
More residents in downtown Grove
Protect public land (1)
Address sea-level rise (8)
Plant more trees

Table 7
Start liking each other
New skate park (3)
Coconut Grove museum with cultural and education center (3)
Pet-friendly environment (1)
More and well managed municipal services like trash cans, bus stops, stop sign, etc.
Free resident parking (1)
Widen existing bike/walking lanes (10)
Additional bike lanes through communities (ex. 32nd Ave. & 37th Ave.)
Installation of mature tree into the canopy along Grand Ave. (2)
Walkable waterfront (21)
Enticing public waterfront (2)
Pedestrian walkway over US 1 at 27th Ave.  at metro stop (2)
Additional cross walks along 37th Ave. (1)
More code enforcement to protect the community (1)
Trash piles and illegal dumping (2)
Lower speed limits on Main Highway, Bayshore and Douglas (2)
More roundabouts to slow traffic (8)
More community involvement in volunteer waterfront cleanup

Table 8
Outdoor concert venues (2)
Bikes – free or inexpensive
Coconut Grove Playhouse arts center (3)
Trolley (17)
Improved access to parking (2)
Better connection to Metrorail (1)
Electronic bulletin board (1)
Grove free wifi (2)
Bay water quality updates
Youth board (1)
Staggered school hours
Community center (1)
National forest (7)
Waterfront/Bay education (5)
Communications network
Improved traffic plan (5)
Incentives for pop-up retail
Parking space availability info app (1)
Bike path network connected (7)
Smart public lighting (low pollution)
Grove-wide youth sports league (4)
Green rooftops
Community gardens (7)

Table 9
Add community police (1)
Add commercial/residential units (1)
Provide transportation from West Grove to Regatta Park
Limit delivery trucks to narrow hours (3)
Limit development on the water to public access parks up to Bayshore Dr. (1)
Improve safety at crosswalks (1)
Plant trees (1)
Bury power lines on McFarlane (18)
Close streets in village
Help local private schools build partnerships with universities to open facilities and improve local learning (1)
Create architectural review boards with design standards
Reroute traffic to perimeter of village (3)
Build dense residential over retail in Grove, especially over Grand Ave.
Enhance public access to water, with benches, boardwalks, tables, connected to center Grove (11)

Table 10
Program health-related activities for city parks
Enhance bike trails, bike stations, city bike access (1)
Enhance pedestrian safety, better pedestrian crossing signs (1)
Towards staying authentic, encourage landlords to resist chain stores and cater to unique retail opportunities
Encourage safe, covered parking (1)
Enhance tree canopy
Complimentary features and services for city parks (1)
Promote causal encounters, provide community gathering events
Conduct a survey of possible historic sites for designations (6)
Save the playhouse (7)

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