Grove 2030 Vision Statements

Table One

In 2030 Coconut Grove will be a vibrant, active, united village community; a lush green urban neighborhood that maintains its historical character, supports arts and culture and is a safe and healthy pedestrian environment.

Table Two

By “small, local business” we mean businesses that are: authentic, artisan and atelier. By “diversity” we mean not simply ethnically, religiously, or racially diverse, but also diversity of housing, of mean, of education, and political persuasion.  By “natural” we mean a soulful connection to our past, jungle heritage, and our bay.

Table Three

To cultivate a multi faceted village that is led by its community (business and residents). Preserving and enhancing its history, culture and natural and physical environment where local businesses thrive and cater to the grove family of the future.

Table Four

The mission of the village of Coconut Grove is to be a destination that maintains and sustains its charm, greenness, cultural diversity, artistic and historic character, to offer unique and functional retail, technology, food and dining and nightlife, with focus on waterfront and outdoor activities.

Table Five

In 2030, the Grove will be known as a united community where residents and visitors will be a able to safely walk and bike, enjoy Biscayne Bay, the lush natural beauty and local and authentic retail including basic services. Residents will be empowered by political access and government accountability to actively participate in the evolution of their community.

Table Six

Coconut Grove in 2030 will be a unified community that embraces its history, ties to nature and the bay; that is safe, livable, diverse, which promotes the arts, culture, and education in a family friendly environment which encircles a unique and vibrant business district and a place that feels like home.

Table Seven

Walkable waterfront that is connected with appropriately scaled public transportation, bike and pedestrian paths. Continued restrictions to traffic flow through the grove. Improved code enforcement to protect our imperiled tree canopy.

Table Eight

We envision Grove 2030 as a family-friendly, environmentally conscious community in which diversity and unity coexist. We would like to preserve its quirkiness and uniqueness, as they are reflections of our living history and thriving arts and culture.

Table Nine

We see the Grove as the one safe community that is pedestrian and bike friendly, with a human and residential scale. We would like to see local merchants for locals, artistic venues, and a campus like atmosphere where environmental characteristics are respected and enhanced.

 Table Ten

The Grove will be a healthy place to live, truly authentic, tropical, green, waterfront village, valuing its historic character, cherishing its sense of place, honoring family, featuring culture, education, and commerce. Moving forward, let us balance opportunity with continuity.

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