Vision for Coconut Grove’s Waterfront

The Coconut Grove Waterfront and Spoil Islands Master Plan envisions an active, coastal recreational
park with human-scaled urban design, well-connected public open spaces, and a continuous pedestrian realm. The master plan realizes this vision through the creation of waterfront promenades, diverse open spaces, and an active park with sensitive environmental Spoil Island connections that will enhance the waterfront and recreational elements of the Coastal Park.

The entire master plan study area encompasses 120 acres, including the historic Miami City Hall; the Coconut Grove Expo Center; the Dinner Key Marina; dockmaster area and parking lots; Seminole Dock with a public boat ramp and trailer parking area administered by Miami Parking Authority; Myers Park; the Coconut Grove Sailing Club site with a building, parking area, boat storage, inner mooring field, and dock area; Peacock Park, a waterfront park including a large multi-use open grassy area, a NET office, and skate park; and Kennedy Park, also an active waterfront city park.

Together with the visionary aspirations, the master plan addresses the City of Miami and Village of Coconut Grove’s objectives to develop a strategy for the future of Dinner Key that reflects the desires of the community, and considers potential needs that will arise from future growth. The plan is sensitive to the local environmental requirements. A separate, but simultaneous study includes an overhaul of the inner and outer mooring fields to comply with the Federal Department of Environmental Protection. The Spoil Islands are an extraordinary public asset, but are in need of careful rehabilitation. The master plan incorporates the Department of Environmental Resources Management (DERM) strategies to improve public access and to replant the area with native species.

The Coconut Grove Waterfront and Spoil Islands Master Plan (Figure 40) enhances amenities in Coconut Grove by linking investment along Biscayne Bay with investment in Center Grove, creating a more powerful sense of place in the heart of the area. This plan develops synergies between the recreational and commercial life of Coconut Grove, the manmade and natural life along Biscayne Bay, and an overall focus on drawing residents and visitors to the area, creating confidence for private investment in Center Grove, and focusing public investments along the waterfront.

Within the master plan, these overarching principles are organized into four programmatic themes —open space, maritime facilities, civic core, and access (figure 39). Open space includes the Waterfront Park from Peacock Park to the Expo Center and Kennedy Park. The Coconut Grove Sailing Club, the US Olympic Sailing Center, Dinner Key Marina, and a new public pier are just some of the maritime uses found along the Coconut Grove waterfront. The civic core is anchored by the historic building that now houses City Hall. Access to the site includes the street circulation along the waterfront, parking, and alternative set ups for special events.

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