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The Waterfront Master Plan (Figure 35) builds on the history of Coconut Grove while incorporating community input to create a world class destination for residents and visitors alike. Miami’s City Hall, the Coconut Grove Village Center, and the historic site plan of the original Pan Am Seaplane Terminal grounds provided inspiration for the design of the 35-acre Regatta Park. Balancing input from the leisure and commercial boating as well as the non-boating communities, the waterfront master plan physically and visually reconnects the Village Center and neighborhoods to the Spoil Islands and Biscayne Bay; transforms surface parking lots into parkland; reorganizes the Dinner Key Marina area into a concentrated working waterfront for recreation, education, and live-aboards; and enhances the amenities and operations of Dinner Key Marina, the United States Olympic Sailing Center, and the Coconut Grove Sailing Club.

The plan features a continuous waterfront promenade interspersed with plazas (Figure 36), piers, and water-related services. A new center for community and cultural uses frames both the historic Pan Am Drive and Regatta Park, designed to accommodate passive and active recreation. A public pier just north of City Hall provides a point of interaction between the community and the working waterfront, while water taxi service provides access to the improved Spoil Islands.

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    parts of coconut trees used in floor plans for space planning as ideas such as roots of coconut trees can be ground floors , then the coconut fruit can be as swimming pool because cooling feel , coconut trees trunk can be stairs to second floor……….something like tat… give more that ideas

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